This page is a curated list of online or downloadable tools and resources for D&D I recommend. Most of the tools here are free, cheap, or freemium, and my personal favorites - the tools I use myself in my day-to-day D&D adventures - are marked with ★ Editor's Pick.

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Digital Character Sheets

This section is purely for standalone character sheets - see also the virtual tabletops section for VTTs with built-in character sheets.


An extremely flexible 5e-focused online character sheet manager in material design style, perfect for everything from Adventurer's League to deep homebrew campaigns. Only held back by its lack of preset official character options and reference materials.

Dicecloud V2 BetaPatreon, $5/mo+

Currently still in development and available only to patrons, Dicecloud V2 is a complete overhaul of the original site that takes its flexibility to the absolute maximum. It also adds a library system for sharing user-created content, with libraries already available for most official materials and even some other TTRPGs. It will eventually replace V1 as the freely available site.

Beyond TabletopFree

While it's not as flexible or customizable as Dicecloud, Beyond Tabletop offers a powerful, effective interface for building your characters. With basic support for homebrew materials, companion tracking, and even a step by step character builder, it's surprisingly easy to use, and even has some basic VTT capabilities in beta testing.

D&D BeyondFree, paid per source book

The main officially-supported way of managing your characters, D&D Beyond is a consistently solid character sheet manager, with support for homebrew, variant rules, and even Discord / mobile app support. However, do keep in mind that to use materials from outside the SRD, you'll need to pay full price for a digital copy of each book, even if you already own physical copies.

5e Automated Character SheetFree

A Google Sheets document set up as a form-fillable, automated 5e character sheet in the style of the official paper sheets.

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Virtual Tabletops

Shard TabletopFree

An up-and-coming virtual tabletop option specifically for D&D 5th Edition, featuring extensive resources for adding your own custom content, as well as encounter management tools, character sheets, and more.

Owlbear RodeoFree

A hyper-lightweight VTT designed to be as easy as possible to set up a game. While it lacks a lot of more complex options for long-term campaigns like character sheets or reference materials, the ability to set up and run a game in minutes makes it a perfect option for one-shots or quick games.

Astral TabletopFreemium, $9.99/mo+

A powerful, expressive VTT system that gives Roll20 a run for its money. Features support for a huge variety of systems, advanced automation tools, and more.

Roll20Freemium, $4.99/mo+

The most popular VTT option on the market, Roll20 is a tried and true resource for players in all kinds of tabletop games. However, its relatively steep monthly pricing for the majority of its tools, and requirement to pay for digital source books even if you already own physical copies, means it may not be the best option for getting straight into games as a new DM.

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Campaign Management and Worldbuilding

ObsidianFree for personal use

A simple, powerful Markdown-based local notes app that serves as an organizational database. Useful for anything from campaign notes to homework and more, though its strength is also a weakness in that it lacks features designed specifically for campaign management.

LegendKeeperPatreon, $5/mo+

An up-and-coming online worldbuilding platform with support for detailed map views, advanced sharing permissions, and more. Still a little early in development to be a prime choice for larger campaigns.

Pocket CampaignsFree

A simple campaign management app for Android. While it's very feature-light and stripped down, its killer feature - autolinking to other entries whenever their name is mentioned - makes it extremely easy to organize and cross reference your materials.

Notion.soFreemium, $4/mo+

An extensive online notes database, complete with calculation tools, auto-linking, multi-device sync, and more. Possibly the single most powerful way to organize your campaign, but suffers somewhat for a lack of purpose-built features.

WorldAnvilFreemium, $4.50/mo+

The most popular worldbuilding tool on the market, WorldAnvil more than pulls its weight with a breadth of features focused specifically on worldbuilding. However, it has a shockingly low limit of 2 worlds for a free account, and tends to be a bit overwhelming with the sheer amount of stuff it can do.

ChronicaFreemium, $3/mo+

Like WorldAnvil, Chronica is tailored specifically towards worldbuilding, and even more so for tabletop campaigns. With its breadth of tools, it's flexible enough for nearly any RPG system, though it may be a little overwhelming if you prefer a more minimalistic style of organization.

Microsoft OneNoteFree

Simple, straightforward, and effective, OneNote serves as a virtual binder of sorts, letting you organize your campaign notes into intuitive notebooks.

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System Reference


A full, detailed reference for every piece of official 5e materials, including Unearthed Arcana and featuring a breadth of homebrew support. All materials are free, period, though they do ask for legal reasons that you only use resources from books you own, entirely on the honor system.

D&D BeyondFree, paid per source book

With support directly from WotC, D&D Beyond is the most officially supported source for online reference materials for D&D 5e. Unfortunately, it's held back by its steep price points, as you have to buy a full price digital copy of any source books beyond the SRD, even if you already own physical copies.

Roll20 CompendiumFree, paid per source book

With integration into the most popular VTT on the market, and over a dozen TTRPG systems available, Roll20's Compendium is an enticing option for system reference. That said, it suffers from the same problem as D&D Beyond, requiring digital purchases of additional source books even if you own physical copies.


An easy online reference for all 5e SRD materials. While it doesn't include non-SRD materials like the Player's Handbook, the primary advantage of Open5e is its API, which is free for anyone to use in creating their own projects.


A simple, easy to navigate online copy of the 5e SRD. Doesn't contain any additional materials from other source books like the Player's Handbook.

D&D SpellsFree

Simple, effective online spell reference and spellbook management, from all 5e source books.

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Discord Bots and Tools


An in-depth D&D play assistant with character sheet integration for Dicecloud and D&D Beyond. Features extensive game tracking tools, homebrew support, and a powerful command aliasing system - everything you need to play D&D through Discord.


A simple, no-nonsense dice rolling bot, with support for complex dice equations, saving roll results for future use, and even decks of cards.

Rod of DiscordFree

A Discord bot designed primarily to help manage play-by-post D&D campaigns, with support for rolling on tables, NPC aliasing, Avrae character integration, and more.

JohnWhy's D&D BotFree

A full character sheet manager and roll assistant, fully integrated in a Discord bot.


A browser extension and Discord bot pair that links D&D Beyond with Discord or a range of virtual tabletops.

D&D Server TemplateFree

A simple, bare-bones server template by Mike Shea of Sly Flourish, perfect for starting up your campaign server.

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Battlemap Creation Tools

Dungeon ScrawlFree

An intuitive, web-based editor for creating customized battlemaps in various classic pen-and-paper visual styles.


Simple generators for dungeon, cave, and wilderness maps, as well as a library of free ready-made battlemaps and environment maps.


A fast, easy generator for battle-ready dungeon layouts in a variety of visual styles.

Donjon Random Dungeon GeneratorFree

A very customizable generator for complex dungeon layouts, even down to level-appropriate monsters, traps, and other interesting features.

Wizards' Random Dungeon GeneratorFree

A simple, no-nonsense dungeon map generator from the creators of D&D themselves, designed for D&D 3.5e.

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Mapping Tools

Azgaar's Fantasy Map GeneratorFree

Simple, effective, and powerful, Azgaar's generator makes it fantastically easy to create world, continent, or country maps for your own campaigns, based on an extremely customizable list of styles and parameters.

Watabou's Fantasy City GeneratorFree

An extremely flexible and versatile tool for generating top-down city maps, perfect for giving your players a sense of the town's layout before they burn it to the ground.


A simple, easy tool for generating stylized topographical maps of islands or continents.

Uncharted AtlasFree

An automated Twitter bot posting procedurally generated fantasy maps hourly.

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